What Can Warm Lemon Water Do For You?

What Can Warm Lemon Water Do For You?

What Can Warm Lemon Water Do For You?

By Claudia Maghidman

The health benefits of lemons have been known for years, but not many have paid attention. While many people use them in their lemonade or iced tea for flavor, lemons actually have many health benefits. They’re packed with nutrients and minerals for starters. Drinking warm lemon water every morning on an empty stomach like I do has a multitude of health benefits. It works wonders for the body, skin, immune system, weight-loss, and organs. So, incorporate it into your daily routine to have a warm glass of lemon water in the morning, and feel the changes in your body and skin.

Immune System: Vitamin C is superb for neutralizing free radicals in the body which are associated with disease and aging. It’s also wonderful for the skin. One lemon contains 187% of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C. Warm lemon water not only neutralizes the body, but the anti-bacterial properties help with a common cold and sore throat.

Liver Purification: The liver is the main organ in your body which produces protein, bio-chemicals, and detoxifies, which is known to help proper digestion. Warm lemon water helps the body carry out these responsibilities because it increases the enzymes which help detoxify liver. Lemon is also known to increase the rate one urinates because it’s diuretic. The more you urinate, the more you purify your body.

Minerals and Vitamins: Lemon is an incredible source of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, magnesium, and phosphorous. Vitamin C is known to develop the immune systems, as well as provide anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant functions. The calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium that’s found in lemons helps strengthen your bones and teeth. Vitamin B gives your body energy, while Riboflavin repairs, grows, and develops tissue.

Pectin Fiber: Pectin fiber found in lemons helps to keep your colon healthy. For older men and women this is extremely important because colon cancer tends to affect older women more than younger.

PH Level: Lemons balance and maintain the pH levels in the body which helps with digestion. Cancer cells breed in bodies with high acid. Lemon is known for being an alkalizing agent which helps lessen the acidic levels toprotect against cancer cells. The food we eat makes our bodies quite acidic, warm lemon water helps balance that. Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach every morning is a good and easy habit that will bring you many health benefits, enjoy!

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