The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin Care

The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin Care

By Claudia Maghidman

A highly versatile and natural product that can be used by virtually anyone, coconut oil has a vast array of benefits for the skin. A product that is most commonly used for cooking and baking, many are unaware of the profound effects that coconut oil can have when used topically. A miracle oil with a myriad of uses, ignoring the many benefits of coconut oil can actually be to your own detriment. With that said, the following is an overview of the lesser known uses for coconut oil as far as body and skin care are concerned.

  • Deep Conditioner– One of the best ways to utilize coconut oil is on the hair. A great substitute for oils and conditioners, by applying coconut oil to your hair and scalp, covering it with a plastic cap and shampooing the substance out after allowing it to set overnight, your hair will realize an increased level of moisture and sheen.
  • Eye Makeup Removal– Another great way to utilize coconut oil is as an eye makeup remover. By applying a bit of coconut oil to a cotton ball and gently wiping around the eye area, you can remove all types of waxy eye makeup including waterproof editions. After removal be sure to wash the eye area with a mild facial cleanser to avoid oil residue from going inside your eyes.
  • Body Scrub – Yet another little-known way to utilize coconut oil is as a body scrub. By simply melting the coconut oil, adding some brown sugar and essential oils, you can make your very own natural sugar scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and invigorated.
  • Skin Shaving Cream– In addition to that, another way in which coconut oil can be used is as a shaving cream for the legs and the rest of the body. By simply applying the oil to your legs and other areas to be shaved, you will create a shaving cream with its own soothing properties that leaves the skin well-moisturized.
  • A Natural Lip Gloss– For the times that you’ve run out of lip gloss or chap stick and happen to have some coconut oil handy, you can use this alone or mixed with shea butter for a formula that will leave your lips soft, shiny, and well-conditioned.

Overall, there’s a vast number of ways to use coconut oil on the skin and body. By using the tips and tricks within this overview, you’re well on your way to uncovering the assortment of uses for one of nature’s best-kept secrets.

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