Evaluation and Diagnostics

platelet rich plasma Skin Evaluation and Diagnostic Testing

Micronutrient Testing

Following the collection of a small blood sample, the Health and Skin Center of Miami sends the sample for a comprehensive micronutrient analysis from SpectraCell Laboratories in Houston, TX. This assessment identifies changes in the intracellular nutrition status as well as levels of 34 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants important to aging and skin health.The advanced testing can identify micronutrient deficiencies that may contribute to low energy, arthritis, migraines, chronic fatigue, weight gain, fibromyalgia, allergies, and risk of cancer or dementia. Sophisticated tests analyses identify patterns of poor absorption, metabolic imbalance, chronic illness, aging, and lifestyle considerations that may affect nutritional status.

.Professionals at the Health and Skin Center interpret the report and identify simple lifestyle changes that may drastically improve your health, energy levels, and skin appearance.

Genetic Telomere Testing

Genes play an essential role in skin health, the aging process, and chronic disease. At the Health and Skin Center of Miami, we believe that knowledge about genetic risk factors can empower clients to make important lifestyle changes and identify individualized treatment solutions that are best for them. Through the SpectraCell genetic laboratory, we offer an advanced telomere testing service. Telomeres are small sections or “caps” on the ends of each chromosome within your cells. When cells replicate, the telomeres prevent chromosomes from fraying and altering genetic material. As cells age, telomeres become progressively shorter. Eventually, significantly shortened telomeres prevent the cell from replicating, leading to cell death. Telomere length is thought to be an important index of the aging process. The SpectraCell laboratory offers the first commercially available genetic test for telomere length, making it a pioneer in the field of genetic aging. Knowing telomere length provides an indication of your true biological age, which may be significantly shorter or longer than your chronological age. Based on your telomere length results, we can guide you toward changes that reduce oxidative damage and slow the rate of telomere shortening.

*Pricing varies depending of insurance coverage

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