Do you take your daily vitamins?

Do you take your daily vitamins?

Micronutrient Testing and Vitamin Supplementation
By Claudia Maghidman

We have all heard the studies that spell out how people are not getting the necessary amounts of the nutrients they need in order to enjoy the optimum in health and vitality. Whether it is the fact that Americans are not getting the Vitamin D they need in order to prevent the serious health risks that are associated with low blood levels of this crucial vitamin or that they are not able to maintain the best immune system and skin appearance possible due to their lack of Vitamin C, the quick fix answer that so many people choose is to simply pop a multivitamin. This blanket cure means that you are not really addressing your specific vitamin needs. Indeed, you could actually be getting too much of some crucial vitamins while not adequately addressing your actual needs.

Micronutrient Testing Offers Valuable Guidance

At the Health and Skin Center of Miami, our micronutrient testing offers a comprehensive diagnostic tool to pinpoint exactly which deficiencies you might be dealing with. A small sample of your blood is sent off to SpectraCell Laboratories in Houston, Texas. There, your levels of a number of important elements are determined. The lab pinpoints any changes in your nutritional status at the intracellular level. In addition, the test checks the levels of important antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Advanced Testing Reaps Pinpoints Problem Areas

There are a number of conditions that can result from a deficiency in the elements necessary for your good health. The conditions can affect your daily life, such as allergies, chronic fatigue, low energy, arthritis and weight gain. In addition, being deficient in these elements could lead to issues that affect your long term prognosis for good health including premature aging, poor skin health, dementia and even cancer.

Interpreting the Results Leads to Customized Solutions

Once your results are returned to us, our health experts evaluate and interpret them. Our professionals are trained to zero in on those figures that lead to adverse health risks. We can then make customized suggestions for changes in your lifestyle based on your individual results. The goal is for you to enjoy better health as well as increased energy and better skin appearance.

Being able to pinpoint exactly where your nutrient deficiencies lie will allow you to formulate a regiment of supplements that is unique to your own needs. This ensures that your body is able to get what it needs to be as healthy as possible without consuming any unnecessary elements.


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