Before and After

[img src=]33723Forehead treated with 1 session of Tripollar
[img src=]52278Before and After Tripollar Radiofrequency around the EYES
After 5 treatments with the APOLLO Tripollar Treatment
[img src=]35948Before and after Tripollar Radiofrequency
Result after 1 Month a (4 treatments)
[img src=]37057Before and After Chemical peels for Pigmentation
She was also given a skin care regimen for pigment control
[img src=]36413Before and after Chemical Peel
Results after 1 month
[img src=]64912Before and after tattoo camouflage
Using Jane Iredale's corrective kit, we were able to completely camouflage a tattoo from the patient's back
[img src=]59115Before and after Ultrasonic Hydration infusion Treatment
Using our Digital Slim Auto-Focus skin Microscope we are able to see that the skin is much more hydrated after the treatment, fines lines and rough texture have diminished
[img src=]56920Before and after extractions
With the help of our Digital Slim Auto-Focus skin Microscope we are able to see that the pores have been cleaned and extracted of oil and blackheads after the facial treatment
[img src=]57020Before and After makeup Application using Jane Iredale skin care products
Using the right colors and formulation we are able to make someone look 10 years younger with our line of mineral makeup
[img src=]2369
[img src=]258112 Tripollar sessions on the face-results Minimized lines
[img src=]21821
[img src=]1910
[img src=]1840Before and After Tripollar on Arms

•Skin was treated with a blend of Chemical Peels and

Skin care regimen for pigmentation control




•Skin was treated around the eyes with

Tripollar Radio Frequency technology using

our APOLLO Tripollar machine





•Skin was treated around the stomach area with APOLLO Tripollar

Results after 1 Month (4 weekly treatments)

RF-Bren before:After



•Skin was treated with one Chemical Peel and home care regimen

Results after 1 Month

Before and after -Scars Resized





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