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Aging is inevitable, but thanks to cosmetic dermatology, you can keep the signs of aging at bay. At the Health and Skin Center of Miami. We aim to offer advanced treatments that are further tailored and selected to suit your lifestyle. As the best-rated skin care center in Miami, we offer a bunch of other services, and one of the first steps for any treatment is a detailed analysis. In case of skin treatments, we offer a complimentary analysis and evaluation, which allows us to create an individualized treatment plan. We also have state-of-the-art blood testing facilities and a bunch of pharmaceutical-grade skincare products. […]

Avoiding Free Radicals With A Proper Diet

Avoiding Free Radicals With A Proper Diet

By Claudia Maghidman-

Free radicals are atoms that have an unpaired electron. These are usually formed when oxygen reacts with certain molecules. Without going to deep into the chemistry, the problem with free radicals is that they can attack our healthy cells and cause damage to them. They are one of the main reasons our body goes through the aging process. Free radicals occur naturally, but we can accelerate their effects on us by doing harmful things to our bodies, like smoking. One way to combat free radicals is through antioxidants. Antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E and several other substances. A healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables should help us get the antioxidants we need, but there are a few foods that are rich with them that we should definitely add to our diets. […]

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